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Birdwatching, routes and guided tours in Navarre for the summer

Sunday, 1 July 2018

The summer programmes at the Government of Navarre Environmental Interpretation and Information Centres begin on Sunday, 1 July with birdwatching at the gorges in Lumbier. These free activities will take place at six Government of Navarre natural areas and environmental interpretation and information centres.  Activities include birdwatching, exhibits, routes and guided tours as well as children’s activities during the months of July and August. Registration is required for some of them.

These interpretation centres are located at the gorges in Lumbier; Roncal, Ochagavía, the Pitillas lagoon and the Señorío de Bertiz natural park.


Lumbier offers guided tours of the centre and gorges as well as birdwatching at the gorges in Lumbier and Arbaiun in addition to children’s workshops, stargazing, bat night, a bat exhibit and another one on stars.


The Roncal interpretation centre has scheduled guided tours of the centre and different enclaves in the Valley to get to know its natural heritage. Also offered are tours of the village of Roncal, an astronomy photography exhibit and a bat exhibit as well as a night sky observation workshop and a talk about bats.


Guided tours of the Pitillas Lagoon area and birdwatching are scheduled for Saturdays, 4th and 11th August.


The Ochagavía interpretation centre offers cultural and natural activities. On the programme are an exhibit on the geology of Las Bardenas during the month of July and guided tours of the Sierra de Abodi mountains (a bird’s eye view of Irati) and the Foz de Benasa natural reserve (territory with vultures) as part of the Environmental Education Programme for all ages.


The Señorío de Bértiz natural park offers activities all year long such as guided tours of the garden for groups of 15-60 people.  Reservations are required. Self-guided routes are also available with supporting material through the gardens (sensory itinerary) as well as the nature interpretation centre and along forest trails. Children can also enjoy specific activities designed just for them with a clues game for a self-guided visit of the garden as they discover all sorts of information and content of interest.

Birdwatching, routes and guided tours in Navarre for the summer