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Gayarre Collection

This collection guarded by the Julian Gayarre’s House Museum  gathers
the most important amount of pieces currently owned by Navarra about the world first tenor from 19th century: Julian Gayarre.

Great part of the collection’s pieces had been donated by the tenor’s heirs in 1889. Other stores, neiter less important, proceed from private and generous donations and assignments which still do arrive at our institution.

Photographs, awards, designations, librettos, sheet music, press reviews, personal items up to suits and accessories having been used by J.Gayarre himself during performances...: all those files together make up an amazing collection about this famous Roncalee.

One of the main purposes Julian Gayarre’s Foundation has got may be the tenor's knowledge’s diffusion and the promotion to study it.
To achieve this great objective and provide access to documentation, from this section, users would get selected files, which will change quarterly, thus proposing different issues of the tenor’s life for their curiosity, research and study.

The offer nowaday consists of eight handwritten letters proceeding from the generous donation by the García Muñoz family, whose ancestor, Don Conrado García, would have been one of the firmest supporters of  Gayarre's music education and subsequent artist career.

Thanks to the mentioned donation, and celebrating this year the 175th anniversary of Gayarre's birth, further we have created the microexhibition "Bataglia. La carta de la Scala de Milán" currently exhibited in Julian Gayarre's House Museum, where visitors can look at two of these letters (CE0905 and CE0901).

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